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Recently, I came back from my trip to the motherland, Korea – a country well known for its innovative beauty products and sheet masks that we now can’t live without. While I was there, I took the liberty to shop around different K-beauty brands to discover some unique products that I found fascinating. I share with you below four kinds of really cool sheet masks I brought back from Korea.

Vitamin Mask from MODELO

(5,000 won, approximately $4.43 USD)

One sheet mask I really liked was the Vitamin Mask by Modelo. This is a Bio-Cellulose mask, which has much stronger fibers that are capable of maintaining moisture in greater capacities. The organic gel mask is dipped in a whole bottle of serum that contains vitamin A, vitamin E, grape seed extract and coenzyme Q10, it brightens, and firms skin.

Remove the non-woven fabric and the plastic film on each side before use, and leave it on your face for 20-30 minutes. I kept the product in the fridge for three hours prior to use for an added cooling effect. The next morning, I woke up with my skin feeling nourished and completely refreshed.

Aqua Chip Circle Point Mask from MediHeal

(2,000 won, approximately $1.77 USD)

This interesting cotton mask comes with little chips, which indicate acupressure points that align on your face, for added skincare benefits. Each pressure point has its own benefit, including better complexion, wrinkle prevention, and active blood circulation. While the mask is applied on your face, gently press down on the chips two or three times to maximize the hydrating and soothing effects of the product.

After using, my skin was moisturized, but I’ll have to use it more frequently to tell if there are other noticeable benefits. Nonetheless, pressing on the chips basically felt like a spa day at home, so I really enjoyed it!

3-Step Purifying Mask from Missha

(3,000 won, approximately $2.66 USD)

What’s unique about this mask is that it’s a convenient three-in-one skincare product, for it includes a peeling gel, an essence, and a sheet mask. As the first step, you take the peeling gel and gently massage your face in a circular motion. When the dead skin starts to ball up, rinse it off after a while with warm water. This exfoliates your skin without irritation and enhances the absorption of skin care products followed by this step. Next, pat the double-synergy purifying essence into your skin in order to maximize the effects of the sheet mask. Finally, take the mask out and leave it on your face for 10-20 minutes.

The mask is formulated with high-quality black charcoal, which is known to purify pores and detoxify the skin. It also uses witch hazel as its key ingredient, which has soothing effects. I was surprised at how incredibly soft the material of the mask was, and how it adhered to the skin so well. After use, my skin was left feeling plump and velvety, without any stickiness at all.

Ultra Moisturizing Lift Up Face Mask by The Face Shop

(3,000 won, approximately $2.66 USD)

This product does not only involve a firming sheet mask but also includes a facial band for an instant lifting effect on the jaw. You apply the sheet mask onto the face, which is drenched in a moisturizing serum formulated with ceramide, panthenol, and adenosine. Then, stretch out the band along your jawline and place your ears through the holes to secure it in place, and leave it on for 10-20 minutes.

The experience of this mask was amusing – although it seemed quite strange at first, I certainly liked the feeling of my jaw area being lifted up. I didn’t really notice any difference after just a single use, but maybe if I used it on a daily basis, this could be the key to a perfectly chiseled jawline! After using the product, my skin definitely felt hydrated and rejuvenated.

By Jamie Oh

Photos by Jamie Oh

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