Smart Beauty Packing Tips for Travel

With the vacation season approaching, I’m sure a lot of you are planning that perfect summer getaway. Today, I’m going to share some of my favorite beauty essentials that must be included in your packing list. Pay attention because these products will not only save you space in your bag, but also keep your skin fresh as a daisy each day during your trip!

Soothing your skin

Traveling often involves long flights, jet lags, early mornings and restless nights. Also, if you’re like me and have pretty sensitive skin, it’s most likely that you will be prone to breakouts as well, because of the changes in your environment. This is exactly why I always make sure to bring moisture-packed products that will soothe my skin and restore healthy complexion.

With that said, it’s a great idea to bring sheet masks with you, especially the ones that soothe and moisturize, just like Real Nature Aloe Face Mask by The Face Shop. Simply leave this essence-drenched mask on for a few minutes before you go to bed, and you are guaranteed to wake up in the morning with a fresh complexion. Glow Recipe’s Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, which is one of my all-time favorites, is also an excellent addition to your bedtime skincare routine while traveling. This leave-on natural sleeping mask, while extremely moisturizing, has firming effects as well. Think about what it could do for the bags under your eyes! The avocado fruit, avocado extract, avocado oil, and avocado butter in the product are rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which will rejuvenate and nourish your skin during your beauty sleep. For the body, I like to tag Kiehl’s Creme de Corps along to use after my shower. This body lotion is made for extremely dry and flaky skin, and it does an amazing job at keeping the skin hydrated with its rich texture and key ingredients such as beta-carotene, cocoa butter and squalane. The best part is that it comes in a variety of sizes, including 2.5 oz., which is a perfect size to throw into your makeup pouch.

Travel Beauty Essentials

One of my must-have products for my trips is the Less is More P.Oil Cut Pact from Code Glokolo. I found this gem during my trip to Korea earlier this year and have been obsessing over it ever since. This powder foundation, also used as a loose finishing powder, controls excess oil and sebum upon application. This comes in very handy during travelling, as you can pat it onto your T-zone or cheeks during your flight, which is almost always destined to leave your skin oily. The product’s compact size makes it convenient to carry around with you and use it whenever needed during daily activities throughout the day.

Milk Makeup’s Blur Stick should definitely be on your packing list, too. This primer smoothes out your skin’s impurities as if you used a “face filter,” but what makes it so ideal for travelling is the fact that it’s an actual stick! With the Blur Stick travelling with you, you don’t ever have to worry about spilling your primer in your bag. No spills, no mess!

Finally, if you are bound to stay out in the sun quite often during your trip, try Avène’s Mineral Fluid. Recommended to me by a dermatologist, this sunscreen is made for sensitive skin. While the texture of this product is watery, it provides your skin with very high protection against UVA light (50 SPF), which can cause sunburn and wrinkles. Also, because this sunscreen is super light, you can wear it all day long without that uncomfortable feeling.

With these products in your makeup pouch, you’re always guaranteed to have a good time, wherever you are!

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