About Us

Committed to ending the stigma and improving our global community’s literacy in and support of mental health and wellness.

The sole aim for this platform is to raise awareness, empathy, and literacy in our community to the acute mental health struggles and conditions our neighbors, colleagues, and relatives face every day, provide support for those needing help, introduce solutions, and help passerby put to words struggles they have not yet identified.

If you want to contribute to this project by lending your voice and story or want to collaborate, please reach out: susan@atemnyc.com

Susan Yoomin Im

“They knew they were helpless to do any good for others as long as they floundered about in the wreckage. But once they got a foothold on solid ground, things were different. Then they had not only the power but even the obligation to pull the whole world to safety after them.”

Thomas Merton, 20th century Trappist monk, poet, and social activist