About Us

We’re a small and mighty purpose-led team committed to ending the stigma and improving our global community’s literacy in and support of mental health and wellness.

Founder’s Letter

I was dealt some challenging cards in my youth: I struggled with a neurological disorder that had me blacking out every day for a time, a couple traumatic experiences with sexual assault, and a long period of depression.

My healing journey and recovery has been a long one, but this dogged pursuit for a better and good life than the one I was being shown- the one I discovered I deserved and was worthy of- has brought me to where I am today: in a place of incredible stability and resilience, and living intelligently, with purpose, in value, and with joy.

At present, I look to a quote by Thomas Merton, a 20th century Trappist monk, poet, and social activist, which captures our ATEM mission here:

“They knew they were helpless to do any good for others as long as they floundered about in the wreckage. But once they got a foothold on solid ground, things were different. Then they had not only the power but even the obligation to pull the whole world to safety after them.”

That’s our mission here, to urge and help people onto their walks to wellness and to a better life. This journey cannot exclude conversations on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Observing the lack in consumer and public friendly mental health and wellness resources, education, and content on the web and the lack of resources to contribute to critical digital support content, I wanted to help fill that gap and bring advocates, industry leaders, academics, and consumers together in a conversation around mental health and wellness.

ATEM Life, a wellness initiative made by ATEM, is a safe space and educational resource for wellness, reflecting a diversity of thoughts and minds, data-backed opinion and facts, and timeless wisdom and insight.

Let us continue doing the good work together.

Susan Yoomin Im,

Founder, Editor in Chief