Sadé Jones, Advertiser and Wellness Blogger On Navigating Adulthood, Investing Time To Get To Know Oneself, & Wellness

Name: Sadé Jones
Role: Blogger, Entrepreneur, and Advertiser
Based in: New York
Age: 25

1. In your words, who are you? 

Sadé: I’m an ambitious woman, who is often terrified of taking risks, but does it anyway! I’m a Queens native who loves to travel, exercise, write, and inspire others to embrace the fire inside themselves. I work as an Account Executive at an advertising agency.  As well, I’m an entrepreneur and lifestyle blogger. When I’m not busy creating content that empowers others on my blog, I can be found gallivanting around the world.

2. Give us a day in your life as both a woman in advertising and encouraging dialogues on wellness and sharing life with your community on your blog and your Instagram.

Sadé: I start my day by getting up as soon as I hear “Work” by Rihanna start playing aka my alarm going off. Then I drink a tall glass of water, journal for about 5-10 minutes and review my top 3 goals for the day. From there I’ll do push-ups or jumping jacks to get my body going before I begin to get ready. 
Next, I commute to work which takes about an hour. During that time, I read, write blog posts on my phone or listen to podcasts. I spend about 8-9 hours at work in various meetings and tasks, which are ever evolving since Mercedes-Benz is my client. 
After work, I usually head over to the gym unless I have other plans. After my workout, I head home to eat dinner and begin to work on my brand. This consists of blogging, creating Instagram content, and monitoring sales for my Finesse Fitness bottles on Amazon. I end my night off reading or catching up with my boyfriend before I fall asleep. 

3. Describe your wellness regimen if you have one. What are some actions you take to keep yourself well: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?


1. I eat healthy food. I’m currently doing a pescetarian challenge for the 40 days leading up to my birthday. Eating well enhances my energy and focus. 

2. I exercise 3-4 times a week. Fitness is a major stress reliever for me.

3. I journal daily and go to therapy weekly.

4. I research and write about many wellness topics on my blog.

5. I do a daily check in with myself to reflect on how I’m feeling.

6. I spend time with loved ones. 

7. I love spending a night alone with my favorite take-out and wine. 

4.   Why is wellness important to you, and more importantly, when did wellness become important to you?

Sadé: I’ve always valued wellness, but I actively started making drastic changes in my life after I graduated college in 2015. 2015 was a rough year for me. I was dealing with the loss of my aunt and uncle, who were like parental figures. I broke up with the guy I thought I would marry one day, and my college best friend and I stopped speaking. To say the least, it felt like my life was losing purpose. I stopped looking forward to my future and felt lost. After spending my post grad summer down and out, in September of that year, I vowed to myself that I would intentionally spend time getting to know myself and actively rebuilding myself into the woman I always dreamt of being. Now wellness is one of the most important aspects of my life. Taking care of my well-being fulfills me and makes me happy. 

5. How do you feel about discussing mental health? Is it something you comfortably talk about with friends or professional colleagues in person outside of social media platforms? If not, why?

Sadé: It’s something I feel comfortable talking about to a certain extent. I still feel the judgment when I openly talk about mental health with others and that part makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I know how imperative wellness is, so I push through and embrace difficult conversations. I enjoy making my writing vulnerable. On my blog, I share some pretty personal anecdotes and it’s like a safe haven for me. 

6. Do you use any apps or refer to any websites/blogs/IGs/thoughtblogs that you feel have directly impacted your wellbeing? If so, can you list them?


1. The Aura app for meditation 

2. Google Drive helps me stay organized 



5.  The MyPlate app to be more conscious about what I’m eating

6. I follow many bloggers and entrepreneurs on Instagram. Two of my favorite accounts are @jennakutcher and @bossbabe

10. What would you like to see improved amongst the social media community space?

Sadé: I want to engage in more conversations and meet more like minded people on social media. No disrespect to people who solely post beautiful pictures with song lyric captions, but those don’t excite me. I’m tired of seeing people post things for likes. I want to see thought provoking authentic content that pertains to real daily life. I hope Instagram gets rid of likes being visible. Studies have shown that receiving notifications such as the likes, sends a rush of dopamine to the brain. This makes social media addictive and affects the brain in a manner similar to gambling. If likes are hidden, then the competitive pressure to appear perfect on social media may decline.

Interview by Susan Im

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