Made For You – A Letter from Our Founder

Happy Winter & Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who committed to getting to know us and spreading the word.

As ATEM, we care immensely about you living your best life, starting with how you care for your body and your mind

and we think high quality should be economically accessible. 

So we teamed up with chemists and curious thinkers to come up with First Milk, a product of pure innovation and our commitment to you.

Some of our ingredients are at the vanguard of skin-care. They’re expensive, but we chose to incorporate them because they really make the difference. 

Our facial treatment mask incorporates ingredients and expertise that match or exceed masks that are on the market for $24 and above. So why did we price where we did?

First, I really care about self care and holistic wellness. It changed my life to love myself–to care for it physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually– and to explore for myself what it means to live life well, and I want to be part of helping you do that too.

Second, tech has made it possible to price where we did; the internet has drastically reduced the cost of getting the word out, and meeting customers.

I hope that alongside ATEM you will begin to see more clearly, not just with what you put on your face, but with every thing you choose to breathe into your life.

Take note of what you buy, what you eat, who you follow, and what you choose to make a stand for.

Reckon with the marvelous strengths and weaknesses that make up you.

Take ownership of your uniquely created life.

Celebrate You

Be well.

Susan Yoomin Im, Founder

– Susan Y. Im, Founder

This is me, this is you,

This is us.

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