Digital Creator Laura Jung on Influencer Burnout and Finding Your Flow

Name: Laura Jung
Role: Digital Creator & Founder of soon-to-be events series @skincontactnyc
Based in: NYC
Age: 24
Laura Jung

1. In your words, describe who you are.

I am a forever student, citizen of the world and lover of life who hopes to inspire everyone to live their best life. To add on for those who don’t know what I do, I’m a full-time digital creator and founder of an upcoming events series called Skin Contact, aimed at bringing together like-minded individuals to themed dinners and events.

2. You’ve written in your blog that, to you, “… the beauty of food is that it sits at the intersection of so many cultural industries, be it art, fashion, travel, technology, activism…” You seem like you are highly curious and invested in multiple arenas of personal interests and work. Of the different directions, what are you most passionate about or committed to?

I think about this a lot because I’ve built my persona and online community championing the intersection of all of these facets of life. I think that’s why people are drawn to my lifestyle.

I believe in every individual crafting their own lifestyle by weaving together all their interests, no matter how different they all are.

I’m most passionate and committed to just being authentic! I can’t pick any one thing to being something I’m most committed to. But I can say that I am first and foremost most passionate about having a distinct, authentic voice and attitude when going forth with every endeavor, whatever that may be. 

3. Give us a day in your life today.

So I’m currently in Seoul, Korea where we are not under a lockdown so a day in my life is a bit different from those elsewhere in the world. Today, I woke up and did a Pilates session via IG live by @liabartha – she’s incredible for those looking for a low impact, highly effective strengthening Pilates class. I then took my dog out for a walk, which is always one of my favorite parts of the day because I love moving around as much as I can and getting fresh air. I then walked to a cool neighborhood with my mom to have lunch, we browsed some shops and ended our little excursion in a coffee shop. I came home and caught up on some emails, trying to keep projects afloat while I’m in Seoul during the pandemic and started editing a vlog for my new YouTube channel! It’s currently 6pm and I’m thinking about what I should cook for dinner with my family ☺ Very wholesome activities right now while I’m home! 

4. If you’re open to sharing, can you tell us where your mental health or wellbeing is right now?

I’m in a really good place right now. I take pride in generally being an incredibly optimistic person and I say this with full knowledge that being in this mental state is a privilege. I’ve never dealt with depression, though, as with anyone, I go through phases in my life where my happiness and usual hopeful, optimistic self is really challenged. 

Currently, the more I engage with my audience and align myself with certain messages, values and ideals, the more I battle with imposter syndrome. It’s kind of a crazy thing that I only started experiencing in the past year as work really picked up. Sometimes I feel like I am not adding any value into the lives of my followers and that I inundate them with so much information that may be viewed as self-serving and narcissistic. I rely heavily on the validation of my followers. Feedback is so important to me not only on a business level, but on a personal one as well. I want to hear that the content and information that I put out there is being consumed positively because that’s all I wanted to do in the first place! To live a rich and positive life, whether through inspiring sartorial choices, exploring the world, seeking a healthy lifestyle… 

5. As a person who the public is highly engaged and connected with via Instagram, how have you struck a balance with benefiting personally and professionally from intense digital connection and frequent information loading vs it affecting your wellbeing negatively? Is this a strong point of concern for your peers with careers as bloggers or content creators? 

I kind of answered this in the previous question but like I said, I really rely on communicating with my followers to make sure that what I’m putting out there is being received positively. I don’t ever want my presence online to be detrimental to my wellbeing nor my followers’. 

I think every digital creator with an online community deals with burnout. Burnout not in the usual sense of “overworking,” but in the sense that sharing our life online like we do makes us completely dependent on the internet.

It’s so important to take a step back and assess how much digital connection is appropriate for you at your current state and how you can scale back to better your mental health. 

I love being around certain people who literally make me forget to check my phone, or doing an activity that does the same. It’s the most refreshing feeling ever when you realize, “Oh! I forgot to check my phone!” Sometimes, when my phone runs out of battery, I won’t even rush to get a charger. I’ll let it be and enjoy the silence for a moment.  

6. What do you hope your Instagram account or content from your online persona can bring to your followers? 

I want my followers to feel like I’m their friend giving them advice, entertainment and inspiration for all of the aspects of life that resonate with the both of us. From the restaurants I dine in, to the outfits I’m wearing, to the wine I’m drinking, and to the places I’m seeking when I travel. I’ve built an entire lifestyle based on my persona and interests, and I want that to inspire people to go out and live a life they love, are happy in and are proud of. 

7. On this note, I wanted to ask if you’d be willing to share some words of encouragement or something/or an activity that you are turning to comfort or to maintain your wellbeing during this period in the midst of a global pandemic, that we could use to share with the broader community.

Find. Your. Flow. Seriously. Find that one activity where time doesn’t exist, where you are solely focused on that one thing and that one thing only. It does wonders to your mental health and we could all use a break from everything else going on in and outside of our heads. Sometimes, even an activity as mundane as dishwashing or cleaning my apartment makes me feel a sense of “flow”. Also, please check in on people you love. We need intimate human connection now more than ever. 

8. Care to share with us a couple of your favorite wellness and/or skincare picks? 

The best thing you can do for your skin is to properly cleanse it. Seriously, if you’re not cleansing your face properly, all other steps that follow are basically useless. I always double and sometimes triple cleanse. Always with an oil cleanser first. Also, face oils as moisturizers are your best friend! 

9. Letters to My Younger Self: If you had any advice to give to your younger self, what would it be?

Seriously STOP caring about what other people think. Judgers and haters will always exist. You won’t be able to vibe with everyone. Vibes speak louder than words. Gut feelings are guardian angels. ☺

Interview by Susan Yoomin Im & Theophila Lee

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