On Epilepsy

Happy International Epilepsy Day!

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that involves abnormal electric activity in the brain. Basically, some things are suddenly shooting off in synchronized bursts in the head that shouldn’t be shooting off, or not shooting off at all at the appropriate times (imagine the cacophony of a mis-directed dance choreography). The impacts of such a jolt in brains prevent affected humans from being able to live as optimally as they wish, affecting anything from their consciousness, movement, and/or sensations.

Fun fact: Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder in the United States after migraines, strokes, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Due to some sensationalism of the disorder through popular culture, the misconception around epilepsy and people who have seizures could be that all those who have it will certainly fall to the ground, writhe like dying snakes, and foam in the mouth to oblivion [and let’s not forget, all wear helmets].

Contrary to this, epilepsy manifests itself in its hosts in many other subtle ways as well, and its expressions are not always visible.

You might come across people in the workplace or in your social networks struggling with the less obvious, but still paralyzing symptoms of epilepsy:

1. Glazing or “staring spells”
2. Altered levels of consciousness
3. Temporary confusion

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Thanks for getting smarter with us.


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