Eslee, Photographer and Art Director On Work and Mental Health, Faith, and Getting to No

“I do something called devotion for my wellbeing. The equivalent to this that is most easily understood would be meditation, but meditating with the Bible, and having the source of what you’re being present with as God. I go on my Bible app and go through different plans of life stages. It usually takes me about 20 minutes and I take notes! Devotions in part help me realize that there are bigger things out there to be concerned about, and learn to make the best out of any situation with perspective.”

Laura Jung, Digital Creator & Founder of Event Series @skincontactnyc on the Unique Risks for “Burnout” as an Influencer and What Fuels Her Love for [Online] Community

“I think every digital creator with an online community deals with burnout. Burnout not in the usual sense of “overworking,” but in the sense that sharing our life online like we do makes us completely dependent on the internet. “