On Seasonal Depression

After all the fall festivities and the joy and warmth of the holiday season, the shorter days and longer nights of snow and rain can wear on a person. Colder climates are tough for everyone, in body as well as in mind. It all can nonetheless be an isolative feeling, despite its pervasive nature and the severity with which it can manifest itself. Indeed, sometimes the post-holiday slump can be something more. Sometimes, it can be seasonal depression.

Exploring Many Colored Dreams // Drew Hammell, @Nikestories

Despite increasing pressures to create new and original content– products of a culture that drives the multi-billion dollar influencer market that is social media–Drew has built @nikestories differently, rising to influencer status by looking to and honoring the past, pulling from archives and mixing old with the new.
Years later, with a life expanding into multiple fields and an ongoing joint project with HighSnobiety to chronicle the complete history of every Air Jordan in history, I chatted with Drew about his life behind the shoes, his unconventional work journey, and finding balance.

How to Combat Dry, Flaky Skin this Winter

If you’re like me at all, my skin during the hot summer months and the cold winter months is so different that I actually feel like I have two faces. I have to switch out and add in a lot of new products during the winter. Below is a list of products that I use to ensure hydrated and radiant skin even in the coldest of winters. (But before we get into products, lets talk about one thing you can change in the house. Cranking up the heater may feel cozy but it leads to even more parched skin. Invest in a warm snuggie instead.)Read more“How to Combat Dry, Flaky Skin this Winter”