Wellness Leadership: Why Wellbeing is the Priority #1 of the Wise

Whether we’re entrepreneurs or we’re simply ambitious in our career, the mantra most of us have absorbed from western culture is “If I work harder, then I’ll be successful. And if I become more successful, then I’ll be happier.” Consciously or subconsciously we believe that somewhere in the future after x, y, and z happens this magical time will exist where we will finally feel secure and fulfilled with our life.

However, upon closer examination, this formula of “deferred wellbeing” is a complete illusion. In fact, it is the formula for a fulfilled life set completely backward.

Smart Beauty Packing for Travel

Traveling often involves long flights, jet lags, early mornings and restless nights. Also, if you’re like me and have pretty sensitive skin, it’s most likely that you will be prone to breakouts as well, because of the changes in your environment. This is exactly why I always make sure to bring moisture-packed products that will soothe my skin and restore healthy complexion.

Nick Kohler, DJ and Music Producer: On Discovering His Own Sound as N2N and Using A History of Struggle To Inspire and Heal

Something that’s left an indelible mark on Nick and continues to impact his work and life today is his mental health. As a thriving artist and human, Nick has become a passionate advocate of mental health over the past couple years (read his full story here). Together, we have an honest chat and break down some prevalent issues pertaining to mental health – around the world, in the community at large, in his personal life and in the artists’ realm.
We have an honest chat and break down prevalent issues pertaining to mental health – around the world, in the community at large, in his personal life and in the artists industry.

Transcript: N2N on finding yourself and keeping to purpose, an empowered story of searching for identity in the pursuit of one’s health and fulfillment

On A Life-long Romance with Music You pursued a music career immediately upon graduation, and were interacting with music well before. Walk me through the process of taking a leap to being a full time DJ and music producer from the beginning and how you’ve sustained in the early years. …

Neurotransmitters #1: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acids

What is GABA? GABA, shorthand for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or γ-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter (something that helps enable communication in the brain– important). It’s classified as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which alludes to its calming effects on an overstimulated brain. At lower, insufficient levels, you can experience migraines and insomnia, and in the presence of a …

Men, Mindfulness, & Meditation: Observing the Rising Trend in Men & Self-Care

Notes on meditation from a male:
“I define meditation as little as one minute or longer to reflect upon yourself. How I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. If there’s something bothering me in any form, this is my moment to identify it and recognize it, rather than run from it. I may not have the answer for it right away, but meditation allows me to adapt accordingly.”

Zach Sharaga, CEO, Dear Mama Coffee On Living Life with Fearlessness, Serial Entrepreneurship, and the Importance of Self-Awareness and Balance

Zach Sharaga is the CEO of Dear Mama Coffee, a coffee house and up and coming lifestyle chain that has attracted a cult following of customers for its homey, neighborhood atmosphere and food quality that makes one hard pressed to think DMC is simply just, a cafe. Zach and I talk the things that have kept him going, from opening his first bar at age 20, to working on 4 Dear Mama Coffees with more to come, and of course, his thoughts on wellness & mental health.