Ronald Kamdem, Vice President at Morgan Stanley on Meaningful Living, Wellness & Work, and Advice To Live By

“I do feel very comfortable as I think just like physical health, mental heath is something to also be worked on and strengthened. I generally consider my mind to be just like my body, in constant need of some exercise so I’ve gotten comfortable having those conversations.”

Wellness Leadership: The Power of Visualization To Firmly Establish Compelling Vision

“We typically think of vision only in terms of grand 10-year business schemes or long term life goals, but the reality is that vision is a fundamental component of daily life. I was recently speaking with a friend, Matt, who’s the CEO of a media company in Los Angeles. Outside of entrepreneurship, Matt’s passion is the martial art Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Recently, he was sparring with an adversary who was larger and more experienced than he. On paper, this opponent should have defeated him easily. However, Matt had other ideas. As the sparring started, Matt looked intensely for weakness in his opponent’s structure and for possible areas where he was off balance. At a certain point, Matt literally had a vision of the sequence of steps he could take to maneuver the adversary into a rear-naked chokehold. That vision gave him the belief, calmness, and clarity to act decisively, and a minute later he had his opponent pinned and tapping the mat in submission.”

Wellness Leadership: Mastering Your Mind with Affirmations

“Our mental narrative in the present is the essential basis of our future possibilities in life. It’s not that positive thinking is the magic pill, but it’s recognizing that:
1) Our thinking is the foundation of the actions we choose to take and not to take based on what we believe is possible
2) Our thinking acts a filter on reality either revealing or concealing the opportunities constantly flowing through our life.”

Wellness Leadership: Finding Balance When We’re Obsessively Passionate.

Wellness & Entrepreneurship: “If we compulsively stretch ourselves too thin in a desire to fix everything, we quickly lose our mental and emotional balance. Anxiety sabotages focus and pulls us compulsively from task to task, without clear insight as to which tasks are actually productive. We lose sleep and skip the gym. We order convenient, low nutritional food, and neglect our outside relationships. Our emotional juice begins to wane, and we become more reactive to situations. We start getting annoyed with our co-founder and become less available to junior employees. We feel a sense of isolation and loneliness. Simple life activities begin to feel overwhelming. Our mind races, and we feel as if we’re going crazy….. Here’s a question: If your mind and emotions are out of balance, what hope is there for anything you create to be balanced, high-quality, and sustainable?”

Struggles in Culture Shock & Life Transition: Letters From a Student On the Little Things That Helped Her Fight Depression & Anxiety

“In my second, third, and fourth years of school, my feelings of depression took a spiral down. I began to surround myself in self-destructive habits, such as not eating enough, consuming excessive alcohol, isolating myself from other people, and not leaving my room at all. I remember during these times that every part of my life began to suffer; I began to experience a total withdrawal from academics, emotions, relationships, and physical health. I didn’t really speak to my parents about how I was doing because what I was going through could easily be seen as a huge sign of weakness in Korean culture (and appearing competent and self-assured for my parents was everything to me back then!). It felt like I had no one by my side and I had to go through this frightening and devastating ordeal alone. Upon opening up to my school advisor about my struggles (I had to because I needed to explain my absences and my poor performances at that point), I agreed to take counseling sessions. “

Wellness Leadership: Why Wellbeing is the Priority #1 of the Wise

Whether we’re entrepreneurs or we’re simply ambitious in our career, the mantra most of us have absorbed from western culture is “If I work harder, then I’ll be successful. And if I become more successful, then I’ll be happier.” Consciously or subconsciously we believe that somewhere in the future after x, y, and z happens this magical time will exist where we will finally feel secure and fulfilled with our life.

However, upon closer examination, this formula of “deferred wellbeing” is a complete illusion. In fact, it is the formula for a fulfilled life set completely backward.

Neurotransmitters #1: Gamma-Aminobutyric Acids

What is GABA? GABA, shorthand for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or γ-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter (something that helps enable communication in the brain– important). It’s classified as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, which alludes to its calming effects on an overstimulated brain. At lower, insufficient levels, you can experience migraines and insomnia, and in the presence of a …

Men, Mindfulness, & Meditation: Observing the Rising Trend in Men & Self-Care

Notes on meditation from a male:
“I define meditation as little as one minute or longer to reflect upon yourself. How I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. If there’s something bothering me in any form, this is my moment to identify it and recognize it, rather than run from it. I may not have the answer for it right away, but meditation allows me to adapt accordingly.”