Winning Respect and Influence Through the Strategy Preeminence

I’m discovering an utterly fascinating dynamic.

As I return to the business world from my 2+ year global odyssey of self-transformation, I’m finding that the success lessons taught by many eminent business leaders are the very same principles I’ve learned my spiritual journey simply distilled into a different language and applied in a modern context.

One of these such people is Jay Abraham. Jay Abraham is a legendary marketing consultant and business strategist who’s helped clients create over $20B in new value over his career. I personally find Jay to be a very enlightened fellow and his now famous Strategy of Preeminence has totally transformed my approach and orientation to my business life.

In essence, the key to this strategy is to turn our focus outwards. Rather than being continually consumed by the idea of “what’s in it for me,” you focus entirely on the other people you interact with.

You empathize with them, you’re genuinely curious about their hopes and dreams, and you respect them deeply. You act as a leader with their best interest in mind. 

Operating with this external focus also liberates one from the discomfort of painful of self-awareness. Adopting an inquisitive external focus frees our mind and energy to serve and create in the best possible way.

My favorite quotes from Jay:

“The key to all of life is understanding how to add value to others.”

“If you truly believe that what you have is useful and valuable to your clients, then you have a moral obligation to try to serve them in every way possible.”

“To be the most interesting person, be the most interested. To be the most respected, be the most respectful.”

“The greatest determinant of greatness is going to be our ability to collaborate with others who have pieces of the puzzle we don’t.”

“What can I do; what can I say to create so much value for my recipients, and reciprocally for the people they serve that is so irresistible they simply have to take note?”

The Strategy of Preeminence

In this video, Jay explains what the Strategy of Preeminence means and how it can elevate your life whether you desire more material success, respect, or simply more joy in your journey. Wherever you are on your path, I know you’ll find the insights useful and perhaps transformative.

By Alex Blanton

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