Winning Respect and Influence Through the Strategy Preeminence

I’m discovering an utterly fascinating dynamic. As I return to the business world from my 2+ year global odyssey of self-transformation, I’m finding that the success lessons taught by many eminent business leaders are the very same principles I’ve learned my spiritual journey simply distilled into a different language and …

Chanel Tyler, Estée Lauder Director of Local & Cultural Relevancy, on Her Wellness Regimen, Inclusion & Diversity, Fighting Tokenism, and the Power of Communal Empowerment

Name: Chanel Tyler Title/Role: Director, Local & Cultural Relevancy, The Estée Lauder Companies Based in: NYC Age: 31 1. In your words, who are you?  Chanel: I am first and foremost a Black woman, I am a believer, I am a wife, a daughter, a friend, an entrepreneur, a young …

Master Your Mind: Affirmations

My experiences with the shamans of South America, the mystics of India, and my continuing meditative practices have shown quite clearly that thought patterns function in a very similar way to our physical muscles. Just as muscle groups used in certain ways consistently over time build strength and memory, the same holds true in our mental structure with our consistent thoughts. The science of neuroplasticity aligns with this understanding as does research on affirmations from leading institutions.

Victoria Wong On Self-Awareness, Work – Life Balance in the Fashion Industry, & Her Journey in Mental Health with Food

“I think it is important to talk about mental health and even more important to normalize it in daily conversation and life. We’ve become so used to hiding it from the public sphere that it’s become something negative and shameful, and as a result, it’s hard to get better and hard to achieve wellness in that sense. For me, sometimes saying this is easier than doing, especially when it’s about myself (read: this interview was a little difficult), but I think it’s necessary. It’s definitely something I’ll be working to improve on.”

Sadé Jones, Advertiser and Wellness Blogger on Navigating Adulthood, Investing Time To Get To Know Oneself, & Wellness

How do you feel about discussing mental health? Is it something you comfortably talk about with friends or professional colleagues in person outside of social media platforms? If not, why? “It’s something I feel comfortable talking about to a certain extent. I still feel the judgment when I openly talk about mental health with others and that part makes me feel uncomfortable. However, I know how imperative wellness is, so I push through and embrace difficult conversations. I enjoy making my writing vulnerable.”

Jeremy Gardner, Millennial Serial Investor & Founder, on His Personal Wellness, Living with Radical Transparency, and Ikigai

Jeremy Gardner became a self-made multi-millionare before the age of 25 by investing in cryptoassets and co-founding Augur, a blockchain-based prediction market platform. Before Augur, he founded the Blockchain Education Network, a global educational nonprofit, and afterwards founded Distributed magazine, SAAVHA, an enterprise security startup, and most recently MadeMan, a men’s skincare startup. He continues to advise and invest in startups in the blockchain industry as the co-founder of Ausum Ventures, a hybrid venture-hedge fund comprised of startups and crypto-assets for social good.

Inspiration: Why Failure is Just a Story You’re Telling Yourself

Your speech can be your greatest ally or your most treacherous enemy.

How? Consider this.

We know that others can inspire (or demoralize) us with their speech.

But, when you think about it, who exactly is really speaking to you all day?

That’s right. You are.

Consciously or unconsciously, you’re employing this dynamic tool of speech on yourself every waking hour, 365 days a year via your thoughts. Thoughts are essentially the stories we tell ourselves in an attempt to make sense of the world. Our thoughts have the power to moves us towards higher possibilities or to destroy us completely.

So how are to speaking to yourself?

Jee Lee, Founder & Creative Director of A.F.L.O.A.T: On Creating Her Own Brand and Paving the Way in Conscious Consumerism in Swimwear

We explore together with Jee Lee, the founder of A F L O A T, her life philosophy, which has pervaded every aspect of her swimwear-bodysuit brand, and A F L O A T’s stance on sustainability, wellbeing and appreciation for time-old craftsmanship (Italian, no less).

Renée Simone, Model: Grounded in Liberian & US Roots and Pursuing Her Now & Future In South Korea

I have had the pleasure of connecting with this Renée Simone on Instagram, no less. Renée had messaged (DMed) in asking if she can buy our skincare as we only shipped out of the US (we still only operate e-comm in the US at the moment, unfortunately). She was impressed by ATEM a “skincare” brand’s hard stance on advocating for holistic wellness, which encompasses by definition not just the physical aspects of wellness (skincare, body positivity, fitness, nutrition), but also the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual). That was the beginning of a wonderful &fruitful relationship between myself, founder, and simply, Susan and Renée, model, also simply human. Fast forward, I asked her to work with us on a modelling campaign; she was a fantastic addition and support in our efforts to be more intentional in adding more beauty and more inclusivity in ATEM’s branding DNA– it’s also generally a fantastic thing to work with individuals completely aligned and fixated on the mission.

Wellness Leadership: Finding Balance When We’re Obsessively Passionate.

We dream of building a paradigm-shifting product, satisfying millions of gleeful customers, and ultimately leaving a legacy of positive change on the world. But, it’s important to understand that the source and foundation of our success or failure is essentially within ourselves.
If we compulsively stretch ourselves too thin in a desire to fix everything, we quickly lose our mental and emotional balance. Anxiety sabotages focus and pulls us compulsively from task to task, without clear insight as to which tasks are actually productive. We lose sleep and skip the gym. We order convenient, low nutritional food, and neglect our outside relationships. Our emotional juice begins to wane, and we become more reactive to situations. We start getting annoyed with our co-founder and become less available to junior employees. We feel a sense of isolation and loneliness. Simple life activities begin to feel overwhelming. Our mind races, and we feel as if we’re going crazy…..

Here’s a question.

If your mind and emotions are out of balance, what hope is there for anything you create to be balanced, high-quality, and sustainable?